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Welcome to FadPlay.com - We now have more free online games than you can play in a lifetime! New games are still added daily, check back often!
Aim your harpoon and shoot it down to snag a fish and reel it back up to your boat.
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01. Adrenaline Challenge
02. Kill Bill
03. Stickman Sam 3
04. Tanks
05. Gangsta
06. Acne Be Gone
07. Street Fighter
08. Tactical Assassin
09. Shotgun Orc
10. Bubbles
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Adventure Games
Amberial Amberial
Roll and bounce in this mystical cave spanned along 15 levels fi...
Panik in Platform Peril Panik in Platform Peril
Help Panik go through the confusing obstacle course while search...
Endless Zombie Rampage Endless Zombie Rampage
Defend your base against an endless zombie rampage. Purchase wea...
Toast Toast
Play as a piece of toast, collect spreadables and avoid being to...
The Last Stand The Last Stand
How many nights can you last against a bunch of zombies. Find we...
Robodome Robodome
Robodome is a robot fighting game. use your bot and destroy othe...
Samurai Defense Samurai Defense
Defend your Japanese town from hordes of enemies trying to destr...
Carrot Hunter Carrot Hunter
Guide the little girl in this cool platform game, collecting car...
Mountain Bike Mountain Bike
In this adrenaline pumping and highly addictive game, ride and p...
Artifission Artifission
An action packed adventure game. Control the hero and kill the e...
Zombie Horde 3 Zombie Horde 3
Zombie Horde 3 comes with 21 unique weapons and total freedom of...
Morbus Morbus
Choose to play as a warrior, traitor, jester or alchemist. Loads...
Captain Pot Story Captain Pot Story
Help Captain Pot through his adventure and discover his life sto...
Puzzled 2 Puzzled 2
The second installment in the hugely popular
Extreme Particle Suite Extreme Particle Suite
Three awesome, different games in one from brick breaking, to fl...
MiLife MiLife
To pass the final Major Project, and therefore the level, you mu...
Agent Scarecrow 1 Agent Scarecrow 1
Choose your own actionventure game. Mike is mistaken for a secre...
Bot Arena 3 Bot Arena 3
Build a team of bots by following the instructions in the game. ...
High Risk Rescue High Risk Rescue
The three Gorgon sisters have escaped and captured Spud and Trix...
Holy War Invasion Holy War Invasion
You are an engineer seized by enemy invasion during ultramodern ...
Territory War Territory War
Lead your stick army and annihilate your enemies.
Seed Seed
Seed is a short story about three children stranded in the deser...
Underground Army Underground Army
Defend your base against the advancing enemy forces.
Nevermore 2 Nevermore 2
Technically it is a prequel, but we will let this one slip.
SMO Arena SMO Arena
Platform shooter game with tons of features.
Smithys Quest Smithys Quest
Help Smithy reclaim his beloved golden spork in this RPG styled ...
Automaton Automaton
Using your limited psychokinetic powers, you must solve intricat...
Warp Forest Warp Forest
You drive a car in a weird forest. Collect keys and get to the e...
Batman  Mystery of the Batwoman Batman Mystery of the Batwoman
Help Batman pursue Batwoman, but he must first most overpower pe...
Swords Saga Swords Saga
A sword-fighting RPG game. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Going Up Going Up
Follow your balloon destiny.
Evil Nights Evil Nights
Ravaged by demonic attacks, you are the last hope to save the to...
Fancy Pants Adventure Fancy Pants Adventure
Fancy Pants Adventures is a side scrolling game, like a cross be...
RuneScape RuneScape
A massive 3D multiplayer adventure game, with monsters to kill, ...
Merlin's Revenge 2 Merlin's Revenge 2
After having saved Berlin you must stop the evil wizard from com...
Shadow of the Warrior Shadow of the Warrior
Choose your class, shadow ninja, warrior, balanced and more, buy...
Terrain: Chapter 2 Terrain: Chapter 2
Continue on with your journey in this amazing weird alien ship t...
SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants
Enter Sponge Bob's aquatic world and venture through doing ...
Nerd Quest Nerd Quest
Explore the dangerous caves, avoid deadly rats and find keys to ...
The Legend Returns The Legend Returns
Explore the depths of the Earth Kingdom and collect the treasure...
Terrain: Chapter 3 Terrain: Chapter 3
Explore the plans of this master alien race, fly your stolen shi...
Shore Acres Shore Acres
Explore this strange neighbourhood look into the past and follow...
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